Top iPhone Apps for Law Enforcement: Enhancing Policing on iOS Devices

Ken Schul

(Retired Captain, CMPD), Director, StackBench

Applications have changed the way businesses run and the way people interact. Police applications are effective when it comes to community policing. A police app for iPhone can impact police communication with citizens and public safety as a whole.

The Impact

The impact a cop app for iPhone has on a community can make a large difference in the relationship between police and citizens and can increase safety for the community. An application is a convenient way to connect law enforcement with the citizens they serve and will enhance public safety as a whole. This is because a cop app for iPhone allows law enforcement to send out safety alerts easily and effectively. For instance, if a traffic accident occurs and lanes have been blocked, law enforcement may send an alert via social media posts through the police app. Those citizens who utilize the iPhone cop app will get an immediate alert regarding the incident. The ability to receive messages instantly allows the public to find alternative routes and remain safe.

The ability to connect directly with law enforcement may prompt citizens to reach out more to police. Traditional ways of contacting the police include physically going to the police department or calling on the phone. While these are still valuable ways of communicating for both police and the public, an iPhone app is a convenient way to relate information to law enforcement. With a button, citizens can alert police of any suspicious activity they have seen. In addition, some police apps for iPhones include features that allow the public to upload videos and photos immediately. This specific feature is especially useful for times when a citizen witnesses an incident. When a citizen relates information to the police, law enforcement receives the information much more quickly and can pursue leads faster. The more quickly law enforcement receives a lead, the faster they can apprehend a potential suspect. The UCP Police app from StackBench is an app with the ability to upload media files directly to the police which cuts down on response time.

Several recent studies have been conducted regarding law enforcement agencies using social media as a tool and application within their communities. The more law enforcement utilizes this type of technology the more crime may be reduced. The increase in community policing has helped law enforcement collect more data and intel to provide better police coverage in their communities. When there is more of a police presence there is typically crime reduction. A police app provides citizens with a faster, easier, and anonymous way to contact their local law enforcement and report suspicious activity. The more law enforcement is aware of and the more information they have, the better they can plan patrol routes. For instance, if citizens are calling often about a particular area of town, command staff can alert patrolmen to spend more time in those areas.

The Benefits

The benefits of implementing a law enforcement app for iPhone are endless. Not only does an app connect police to citizens directly, but it also allows law enforcement command staff to communicate more effectively with their personnel. UCP Police from StackBench is a police app for iPhone with several customizable categories for law enforcement administration to set up so they can send memos to their staff, for example. In the past, in-person briefings and emails were among the only forms of communication between command staff and patrolmen. However, by using an application to reach out to their staff, police administration can send emails and other message alerts to their staff instantly. UCP Police also has a feature that lets the sender know whether the receiver has read the message. This feature helps law enforcement personnel remain accountable. In addition, when command staff can see if a staff member has read a message, they can ensure that each officer is aware of any important information.

A police app for iPhone is an excellent way to engage everyone in the community. In addition, applications are a type of technology most people are familiar with. It is an easy transition for department personnel and the public alike to use instead of or in addition to traditional forms of communication. A cop app for iPhone is easy to download and install; a police app updates on its own. For police departments this is advantageous since the updates are automatic, there is no need to schedule a time for software or equipment to be upgraded or installed.

Top Cop Apps

When a police department is looking for a cop app it is important to find one that suits the needs of their specific agency and the needs of the community too. The best cop apps for iPhones are the ones that offer customizable features and are easy and effective for you. The UCP Police app is one of the top law enforcement apps on the market. Aside from using cutting-edge technology, the UCP Police app includes several categories that police departments can customize.

Not only do the best cop apps provide the ability to alert the public regarding incidents that arise, but a police app for iPhone also allows law enforcement to provide additional resources to their communities. For example, UCP Police has an area where law enforcement can add health resources, information about the police department, and even webinars with helpful information.

Cop apps for iPhones like UCP Police also make it possible for the public to relate information to the police anonymously. This feature removes any hesitation an individual may have about providing information to the police. Citizens may witness an incident or may have information regarding a situation but may be hesitant or afraid to get involved. By using an application, police departments are equipping the public with a convenient tool that allows them to share information with law enforcement quietly.

A law enforcement app decreases response time as well. For instance, if the app includes GPS coordinates, such as UCP Police does, it can take out the guesswork when officers are attempting to find a location. Traditionally, a caller will call their local dispatch center and will let the dispatcher know where they are calling from or what address the officers need to respond to. At times, information may become misconstrued or misheard when this happens, police may be looking for the address with uncertainty. An application that includes GPS coordinates automatically when someone messages police saves time and could potentially save lives.

An Application for Everyone

A law enforcement app can positively impact a community by enhancing public safety and community engagement. Most police apps are compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. Another benefit of a law enforcement application is that the app is usually affordable for the law enforcement agency, and it is free for the public to use. These fees make it even more likely that citizens will use the application since they are used to this type of technology and it is free of charge.

The more law enforcement can tell their community, the more the people within that town will trust the police. A police application for iPhones prompts transparency as well. When local police can let the public know about what is happening in their town promptly, community members will appreciate the information. A police app for iPhones allows law enforcement to let the public know about particular situations and enables police to post messages requesting the public's help. Posts such as this can already be done on social media, but by using an application such as UCP Police app, one social media post, may be sent out over multiple social media sites.

Applications are becoming more advanced every day. In addition, many types of businesses utilize this type of technology. Police and citizens can benefit from using a cop app in an agency's daily operations.

Situational awareness refers to knowing what is happening in your present surroundings. For law enforcement, this is taught through practice and training. However, the public may benefit from this type of mindset as well. A police app for iPhones can help citizens learn to think about situational awareness. For example, if there has been a string of burglaries in town and they are burgling certain homes or types of businesses, police can let the public know about this. Once the public knows, they can begin to be on the lookout for activities matching this description. The public can then be more aware of what is occurring around them. When citizens see something suspicious, they can call or message local law enforcement to let them know the details of what they have seen.

StackBench has a law enforcement application ideal for iPhones and Androids alike. The UCP Police app is a convenient and effective way to increase public safety and situational awareness. Take a look at what StackBench has to offer your community and find out how to improve public safety in your jurisdiction with an app.