Exploring the Comprehensive Feature Set of Our Cutting-Edge Android and iPhone Police App

Ken Schul

(Retired Captain, CMPD), Director, StackBench

The world of law enforcement is fast-paced and it can be difficult to keep up with every update or change in a situation. Through the use of a police app, there is a way to keep up with everything going on in the community. The use of a police application can connect law enforcement with the citizens they serve. As most technology can be updated on a regular basis, so can an app that can take technology to a new, cutting-edge level.

The Unified Communications Platform (UCP), StackBench law enforcement app can be used on Android and iPhones alike. Having a police app can enhance community policing, and can keep a law enforcement agency transparent and accountable to the public. Likewise, it can prompt the public to interact with police in a more positive way.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The StackBench law enforcement application for police gives police departments the ability to directly communicate with the people in the community they protect. This particular application allows police departments to post important information to the public with the touch of a button. For instance, if an agency has important information about road conditions, road closures, or an incident occurs, they can simply make one post, and it will go on all their connected social media platforms. Taking one notification and spreading it to all necessary platforms at one time is highly effective and efficient.

Often, the more information given out and known, the better. More information about a particular situation increases public safety. Police departments can also inform their personnel of any imperative or time-sensitive information by using the cop app.

A police app for iPhone or Android takes connecting to the public a step further by providing a way for the public to contact their local law enforcement directly. Through a mobile app, citizens can upload photos, and even live video directly to their police department by using the application. In addition, the StackBench police app can pinpoint a GPS location when an individual sends a message to law enforcement.

Technology advancement is apparent in every profession, and for law enforcement, it can be an easy, budget-friendly way to overcome obstacles that have been a challenge for police for decades. With the touch of a button, most of these obstacles can be overcome. The more bridges are crossed, the more positive the experience between police and their community will be.

An App for Every SmartPhone

Since the majority of the population owns a smartphone, a police app can be an easy solution to maintaining communication with the community they serve. With the UCP police app from StackBench, both Android and iPhone users can use a police app. Police departments can get this app for a low price, and their citizens can use it for free. The majority of the population relies heavily on their smartphone to accomplish multiple tasks a day. A police app takes public safety to new heights by connecting police directly with the public. An app is convenient for all who utilize it.

With such a convenient platform, police and the citizens in their communities can benefit from implementing an application such as this. Police applications bridge the gap that can be so challenging to overcome between cops and their respective communities.

When law enforcement is able to be more transparent with the citizens they protect, trust is built. When there is a foundation of trust built up, the community is much more likely to support police and provide helpful information to their local law enforcement when situations arise.

Making a Difference Through Technology

Cutting-edge technology can have a huge, positive impact on community policing. This is because when an individual has the ability to record and upload information to police instantly with the option of being anonymous, it can empower that person.

The more convenient it is to contact police, the more likely citizens will provide their local police with tips and leads. The more information police receive, the better they can respond to an incident. When the guesswork of a situation is taken away, law enforcement can be more efficient in their response time. It also enhances situational awareness which increases safety as a whole.

With the traditional way of relating information to the police, there were many more steps in order to get the information to the police. Through a cop app on either an Android or iPhone, an individual can tell the police instantly what is happening and where. This direct contact lessens the amount of channels information has to go through in order to get to the police.

The communication within departments may be enhanced between officers within the department too. The ability to send a message to another officer easily can increase the amount of contact between department personnel.

Developed with cloud-based software, mobile apps for Androids and iPhones can store a vast amount of data. In addition, this type of software allows information to be distributed in real-time so that police and citizens alike are aware of incidents as they are developing.

Police departments can customize the UCP StackBench app for police departments to suit the specific needs of the agency. This includes categories within the app such as “Get to Know Your Police Chief”, “Special Crime Alerts”, and other options for citizens.

For department personnel, information in the app can be modified to suit the police department as well. Categories can be modified to fit the specific needs of the agency. An application tailored specifically to an agency’s needs can prompt better interaction between co-workers.

State-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology has been introduced into policing over the last few decades in regard to radios, report and evidence software, and more. Utilizing a cop app is another way to bring police departments into the present day of technology.

Security and Peace of Mind

Having a mobile app in a police department’s daily operations can increase the effectiveness of communication between personnel within the department. For example, with UCP StackBench’s app, a supervisor can send an encrypted, secure message to another member of the department and can be notified when they read the correspondence too.

A recent study showed that over 90 percent of police departments use social media to connect with the public. Another study revealed that over 80 percent of police departments use social media as an investigative tool. This shows implementing a police app for Android and a police app for iPhone improves policing in many ways.

A secure option such as an encrypted app is another way to ensure peace of mind for both the community as well as the police department. Having an app with the ability to send encrypted memos allows officers to maintain public safety for themselves and the people they protect.

An application also gives police a faster tool. By using a police app, law enforcement can instantly alert fellow officers and the public regarding a situation at hand. Likewise, the public can use an app to provide important details to law enforcement regarding a situation. The more quickly communication is exchanged, the faster police can respond.

A police app allows the public to relate information quickly and efficiently. It also fills in the gaps that so often happen with miscommunication when citizens call into police departments. For example, if an individual calls a police department and they are able to tell the dispatcher everything except for where they are located, there is missing information that is important. However, submitting a tip through a cop app that has the ability to find a person via GPS takes care of this challenge. With access to a police application on their cell phones, everyone can have peace of mind.

Building a Better Community Together

A police application is an excellent way to bridge the gap between all citizens and police, especially the younger generation. The UCP Police app from StackBench offers a way for police to connect directly with the public in other ways aside from alerts. For instance, the Wellness Solution and the Good Samaritan categories allow law enforcement to educate the public regarding wellness solutions. Law enforcement can upload videos, pieces of training, and resources for a variety of health-related topics including PTSD, anxiety, peer support, Chaplain information, and more. Having a cop application for Android and iPhones allows law enforcement to upload videos and podcasts that may have helpful information. It is also a way to boost morale within the community. For instance, a police department could use the app to commend officers and let the public know about outstanding job performance.

The Good Samaritan tool allows law enforcement to encourage community outreach within their city. These are some of the many tools that can be utilized through a law enforcement app. This is another way a cop app for Android and iPhone can bring a community together.

It takes everyone within the community to enhance safety. Law enforcement and citizens can help keep each other safe by using cutting-edge technology in the form of a police application.