How a Mobile App Can Help Your Police Department

Ken Schul

(Retired Captain, CMPD), Director, StackBench

In a world filled with fast, efficient technology at your fingertips, many law enforcement agencies are behind in their use of technology. While this may not directly affect the general duties of a law enforcement officer, it can directly impact the community they serve. In this day and age, it is crucial for agencies to build a positive rapport with the citizens within their jurisdiction. One way to accomplish this is through communication, another way is through transparency. Both of these attributes make a significant difference in how citizens interact with and view police. The more a community trusts their local law enforcement agency, the more likely they are to positively interact or even help local law enforcement with necessary information. The more intel collected the safer everyone involved can be.


Open communication within a law enforcement agency is imperative as it provides everyone with any and all information they may need regarding a situation. The same may be said for a community. The goal of policing is public safety. Often public safety is enhanced via situational awareness. Situational awareness stems from information provided by a local law enforcement agency. When communication within a community is strong it makes a difference. This is where having an application accessible to the community comes into play. An app can allow the public to communicate with police just as easily as the other way around. For instance, if an application has particular features such video uploading capabilities, the public may upload videos of offenses in real time. This is not only helpful as it provides proof of what is taking place, but it allows law enforcement to respond much faster and have a better idea of what they will encounter on scene. An application may also make it easier for citizens to submit tips. The ease of reporting may prompt local citizens to report and communicate with local law enforcement more often. Having an application at the publics’ fingertips makes reporting convenient and effortless. With certain applications such as StackBench’s UCP Police App, citizens may also remain anonymous if they would like. This adds another level of convenience, peace of mind, and protection to those who may want to help law enforcement by providing tips but wish to remain anonymous. Agency administration can benefit from using an app as they can communicate directly with personnel. This way information may be shared quickly within the department; officers may receive imperative information directly at their fingertips. Furthermore, UCP Police App lets administration know who has read their message too.


The more information a police department or sheriff’s office can provide the citizens of their community the better. This is because often when people are left in the dark on a subject matter, they will begin to draw their own conclusions or assumptions. This can be dangerous and may even interfere with a police investigation or may compromise public safety. In the present-day environment, it is extra important for local law enforcement to remain transparent with the citizens of their respective communities. This way the public knows exactly what is happening, which in turn builds trust with police. Transparency also helps the police and the public to maintain situational awareness. Mobile app for Police Departments help law enforcement maintain transparency since they can post information to the public through the app. For example, if there is a traffic accident and law enforcement must close off part of a roadway, then this could be reported through the app to the public. The same concept would apply if law enforcement wanted to alert the public of an individual or vehicle to be on the lookout for. First responders can quickly alert the public about any situation they may be handling by posting a notification to several platforms at once. Transparency also protects law enforcement against potential allegations. The more upfront and clear a situation is, the less likely there will be false accusations or damaging rumors made towards law enforcement.


Building trust and a rapport with the community can make a huge difference in a police department. The more trust that is earned and established with the citizens of their community, the more likely civilians will communicate and help their local law enforcement by providing tips and other information. An application such as Stackbench’s Unified Communications Platform (UCP), can make a huge difference in public safety overall. Implementing an app connects law enforcement to their citizens and also connects law enforcement personnel in a much more efficient way. By opening up the line of communication and information through an app on a smartphone, law enforcement may collect data quickly. The prevalence of applications and smartphone use makes reporting to the police a more comfortable experience for citizens. The public holds the capability of recording videos and snapping photos to upload to law enforcement. This feature alone enhances the tip for police. Now they not only have a description of what is happening or where the incident is taking place, but now they have an image. Furthermore, officers can take that image and create a post in seconds if the public needs to be notified of the situation. UCP Police App is made with both police departments and sheriff’s offices in mind, making the application tailor-made for those specific communities. Additionally, this particular app includes GPS data. When a citizen reports an incident, they may or may not disclose where they are. However, StackBench’s UCP Police application includes GPS coordinates so when a tip is submitted, law enforcement knows exactly where to go. This feature alone increases public safety.

The Future of Policing

Including applications in daily communication between the public and law enforcement as well as in house between admin and personnel is the future of policing. Each year more applications are added to businesses and companies alike.Law enforcement agencies can also benefit from using apps. The use of an app saves time, which means the faster law enforcement can respond, the safer the situation will be. With the UCP you get reliable, efficient, and effective communication with your community. Check out our website and register for a demo today!

To access the police department and connect with officers, individuals can obtain the UCP App by downloading it from the App Store (Police app for iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Police app for Android). Once the app is installed on their device, they can use it to communicate with their local police department and specific officers.