While it has been historically known as an agricultural community, Nampa, Idaho, has recently seen a boon in businesses starting up in the area or moving to the city from other parts of the country. Many companies have even moved their headquarters to this thriving location.

Nampa is a business-friendly city, with a focus on business expansion and retention, especially in the areas of technology and food processing. 

As Nampa businesses continue to grow and expand, they are finding that they need something more to reach new customers and engage their existing ones. That’s why a lot of Nampa businesses are turning to iOS app development to expand brand awareness, improve internal processes, and reach their customers on a more personal level. 

iOS App Development for Businesses

In 2021, there are over 1 billion iPhone users globally, which is a nearly 6 percent increase from last year. Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

In addition, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop browsing. Over 55 percent of total web traffic around the world came from mobile devices in 2021, which is a two percent increase from 2019. 

All of these reasons explain why many businesses want to develop apps that target iPhone users. The great thing is that there’s no limit to how small or large your company has to be to benefit from a mobile app. Everyone from startups to enterprises can leverage mobile app development.

If you’re looking for an iOS app development company in Nampa, Idaho, Confianz GlobalⓇ is here for you. We are based in North Carolina and service companies across the United States and around the world. 

Why You Should Trust Confianz GlobalⓇ with Your iOS App Development

We’re proud to be the fastest-growing mobile app development country in the United States. Here are a few reasons why our customers trust us with their iOS mobile app development needs.

Trust and transparency

We prioritize trust and transparency from the very start. We’ll sign a strict NDA based on your state’s jurisdiction before we even start talking about your mobile app development needs. This ensures that everything you tell us stays confidential. 

Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on the good news as well as any challenges that we come across. You’ll always know exactly where your app stands and won’t be caught by surprise at any point in the process. 

Custom development

We don’t build cookie-cutter apps. Instead, our iOS developers can accommodate any business need to deliver a fully customized app for your business and customers. For example, we can work with unique requirements, including HIPAA or security requirements. So don’t hesitate to tell us exactly what you want. We can make it happen!

iPad application development

If you want an app for an iPad instead of an iPhone, we’ve got your back. Our full-stack iOS app developers can work with you to create an app specifically for your iPad that will deliver the experience you want and include all the tools you need. 

Migration and upgrades

We don’t abandon you after your iOS app launches! Instead, your iOS app development team is here to help you for the duration. They’ll make sure your iOS application always has the latest updates, so your users can have the best experience possible. They can also help you add new updates or migrate as your needs change and your business evolves.

Built with AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help businesses with all types of tasks and tracking features. We use ML algorithms to build smart apps rooted in AI to empower your business. 

App testing

We deeply believe in the power of testing your iOS app before it launches to catch lingering bugs and ensure that the app is fully customized for your business needs. Therefore, our quality assurance team uses the most advanced testing tools before launching your app. These tools include XCode, which ensures your app is performing at a top-level.

Types of iOS Apps We Can Build

There’s really no limit to the type of iOS apps our app developers can build. If you have an idea, we can make it happen! However, it can be helpful to get an idea of what other companies are doing to help you get started. 

Here are some of the most popular types of iOS apps our clients have asked us for. 


We are a recognized leader in blockchain technology. This specialized knowledge makes us uniquely qualified to build secure blockchain mobile apps for a variety of uses.

AR and VR

Apps that use augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) can be highly beneficial for all types of companies. Our app developers are skilled at AR and VR. They can build an innovative app that utilizes AR or VR technology to create an interactive app experience for your users. 

Chat apps

Adding a real-time chat feature to your app can improve customer service and give users immediate answers to their most pressing questions. Our iOS app developers can build your app with real-time chat capabilities. 

Musical application

Integrate your musically-based iPhone or iPad app with iPad and iPod music to give your users a seamless listening experience every time they use your app. 


Do you have an excellent idea for an app game? We’d love to help you build it! We offer several game development services, including apps for AR/VR games, adventure games, educational games, multiplayer games, and sports games. 

Get Started with an iOS App Development Company servicing Nampa, Idaho

Our experienced iOS app developers can design and develop an app that will help move your business forward. Whether you need an app for internal processes or to reach more external customers, we’re here for you!
Our team of iOS app developers can take any idea you have and turn it into a fully functioning iOS application. Contact us today to get started developing your mobile app.

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